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Evidence that the official Covid narrative is rigged

Second of three parts extracted from a full rebuttal (see here) responding to friends and family believing everyone should get vaccinated against Covid

Big pharma, regulatory authorities, government, big tech, legacy and mainstream media (MMM) lied, twisted and kept us from the truth about Covid vaccines

Here’s the evidence

They doctored the definition of vaccines: pre-2015 vaccines prevented diseases. Not anymore. Now all their experimental technology needs do to qualify as a vaccine is to offer protection from the disease. Prevent/protect; big difference.

They told you the vaccine cannot give you Covid (see here): that’s right, even if (as happened to a close family member) you contract full-blown Covid after your first shot, the vaccination didn’t do it. How come? Well you’ll need to know that the definition of ‘vaccinated’ means two shots (soon three, and counting), so the fact that the first shot suppresses your immune system up to 14 days, during which time you’re vulnerable to whatever’s in the air, including the virus, you mustn’t blame the vaccine. Also you’re classified as ‘unvaccinated’ for statistical purposes, which looks good when the graphs proving the unvaccinated are most at risk of Covid infection are paraded by the experts and MSM.

They hid clinical trial results: it took a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from a group of 30 scientists and academics (reference) to extract the first 100 or so redacted pages from the Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) which relayed ‘the data and information relied upon by the FDA to approve Pfizer’s experimental vaccine for Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)’. The FDA wants the remaining pages kept under lock and key for 55 years. To discover gross malfeasance hidden from you such as claiming 95% vaccine efficiency whereas the absolute equivalent is <1% (0,84%), and serious flaws in Pfizer’s research itself, watch this 40-minute video put together by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA): Pfizer Covid shots cause ‘More Harm Than Good’ (click here), and never again say you didn’t know.

They downplayed deaths and serious side-effects at the start of the rollout: once the rollout had begun the FDA requested a report from Pfizer on any adverse events, which came in a research paper published as Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of Pf-07302048 (Bnt162b2) received through 28-Feb-2021 (click here), which revealed 1223 deaths and thousands of serious side effects out of 42,086 cases reported in the first three months that should surely have elicited concern.

But Pfizer reassured all in the report that there was no need to panic as they would continue monitoring. That was almost a year ago. In the meantime, Sonia Elijah in Trial Site News is worried, plenty. See here (pay-walled). Elijah speaks to the aforementioned Trial Site News report in a follow-up interview conducted by Australian James Preston which at the time hit over 1.25M views in its first three days on YouTube that – surprise, surprise – YouTube then promptly took down. You can however view the interviews here (part one) and here (part two) in which Elijah reports over 150K symptoms from 40K cases in the first three months of Pfizer’s vaccination programme following emergency use authorisation. These included nine recorded deaths from anaphylaxis – four on the same day of receiving the shot, and, in the ‘pregnancy and lactation’ category of a follow up ancillary report from Pfizer to the FDA: 25 reports of ‘spontaneous abortions’ (miscarriages) among 270 ‘unusual pregnancies’ including neonatal deaths, all of which fell within the three-month time period of the report.

They are now decoupling reports of deaths from the vaccine: first Scotland and now the CDC will be withholding vaccine-related hospitalisation and death numbers for fear they’ll be ‘misrepresented’ by anti-vaxxers. That’s royal considering how data has been presented over the last two years to convince the world that you’ll never fall seriously ill or die if you’re vaccinated (see also, ‘They hid behind dodgy stats’ below). Further grist to the vaccine-industry mill is that not one of the reasons mentioned in a recent WSJ report on the unusually high number of non-Covid death pay-outs in 2021 was attributed to the vaccine, which to me illustrates the level of vested interest cover-up. The net result is that very few who suddenly fall ill or learn that a friend or family member has died considers that the vaccine might be the cause. Apropos see a personal note further down (‘they are not worthy’) in which I share four instances (three sudden illnesses and one death) that seem suspiciously like they could be vaccine-related.

They spiked research: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) convened a meeting to decide whether also to vaccinate children aged five to 11. Days before the meeting was scheduled Elsevier withdrew a highly relevant peer reviewed paper by Drs Jessica Rose and Peter A. McCullough (see screen capture below), which presented findings of Myocarditis adverse events in children, as reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (Vaers). See here (Peter McCullough in conversation with Brett Weinstein) and here (Jessica Rose interviewed by Gal Shalev).

They doctored research: Dr Hill of the WHO skewed results that would otherwise have proved Ivermectin was helpful in early treatment. See ‘Dr Tess Lawrie on the suppression of her work’.

They hid behind dodgy stats: by analysing the UK Office for National Statistics (Ons) data, Professors Norman Fenton and Martin Neil of Queen Mary University of London point to ‘a range of serious inconsistencies and anomalies’ that bring into question reports of vaccine effectiveness. See also this exchange between Spectator’s Fraser Nelson and Professor Graham Medley who chairs the Sage modelling committee where the latter conceded ‘we generally model what we are asked to model’.

They suppressed every alternative to the official narrative: they have made it their business to promote one narrative by targeting, censoring, censuring, de-platforming or demonetized vaccinologists, virologists, scientists, doctors and/or academics who question their one narrative. Examples I’m aware of among many more follow:

  • YouTube has taken down content or demonetised accounts: Professor John Ioannidis had an early post in the epidemic taken down, pointing to the psychological, sociological and economic consequences of lockdowns that were being implemented without any research having been conducted. Drs Bret and Heather Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast was demonetised (also here). Senator Rand Paul was suspended for ‘allegedly delivering misinformation regarding the Covid virus and masks’. Dr Aditi Bhargava’s testimony as part of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s panel discussion into COVID-19 vaccine injuries, pulled. Dr Peter Doshi senior editor at BMJ (British Medical Journal) and associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University, of Maryland School of Pharmacy had his video removed for searching questions regarding Covid vaccines (also here). Nick Hudson of Panda’s (Pandemics Data & Analytics) had his ‘the ugly truth’ video taken down. They took down the abovementioned James Preston interview of Sonia Elijah
  • Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have permanently deleted accounts most often without explaining why: Robert Kennedy Jnr’s Instagram account was cancelled without notice for ‘false Covid vaccine claims’ or ‘vaccine misinformation’. Vaccinologist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche LinkedIn account was suspended for unknown reasons as was that of Prof. Marty Makary. Researcher and lecturer Dr David Thunder had his Twitter account permanently cancelled, inter alia, for warning against ‘exposing children, who are at negligible risk from Covid-19, to the risk of a vaccine whose impact on children is not yet well understood, would be irresponsible’. Abir Ballan’s Twitter account was permanently cancelled for reporting on the aforementioned conversation between Drs Laurie and Hill in which the latter admitted to doctoring the results of their study to downplay the effectiveness of Ivermectin (later rescinded). Dr Robert Malone’s Twitter account was permanently suspended he suspects for sharing the abovementioned CCCA report: ‘Pfizer Covid shots cause ‘More Harm Than Good’’. Malone’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were also cancelled for unspecified crimes.
  • medical authorities have vilified, hunted and/or taken out key academics and practitioners who question, stray from or disagree with the official narrative: Professors Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), Sunetra Gupta (Oxford) and Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) were conspired against by Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Francis Collins, former director of the NIH, for arguing, in their Great Barrington Declaration, targeted vaccines for the vulnerable and the lifting of lockdowns. The Australian medical authority hit Dr Mark Hobart so hard for ‘falsifying vaccine records’ that Melbourne doctors were subsequently terrified to issue exemptions from vaccines even for individuals, like Betty Pezzimenti, who are at mortal risk of anaphylaxis (see this Bret Weinstein interview). US Medical Authorities are not far behind with the following prominent doctors that advocate early treatment for Covid being targeted one after the other: Dr Peter McCullough, one of the most published medical practitioners in the world sued for a third-party error for which he’s being held responsible (Joe Rogan Interview | transcription, page 37). Dr Paul Merrick ‘an exceptional physician by any standards – run out of his hospital and demeaned’. (ibid., page 37. See also here & here.) Paediatric cardiologist Dr Kirk Milhoan ‘among the most qualified individuals in the world for managing Covid and commenting on cardio myocarditis in children … a pastor at a local country congregation, has run a food bank his whole life (and) travelled to emerging economies to provide free treatment’ kicked out of his hospital because he was providing early treatment’ (Joe Rogan Interview | transcription, pages 40-41). Dr Robert Malone inventor of the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology underpinning the vaccine, Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer for the Unity Project of more than 17000 physicians and scientists worldwide and outspoken critic of mass vaccination particularly for children received a long list of complaints filed with the Medical Licensing Board for Maryland three days before Christmas to which he had to answer under threat of having his licence revoked (Joe Rogan Interview | transcription, page 19). But wait for it; that’s not all: the US Federation of State Medical Boards has just warned they will soon be identifying, investigating and potentially punishing physicians or pharmacies involved in marketing claims associated with Ivermectin with respect to Covid-19 (see here) leading to more doctors being fired, such as, inter alia, more recently, Dr Edith Behr in Pennsylvania

They fund the narrative: MSM and non-government organisations (NGOs) are richly rewarded for promoting the narrative. Here’s a list of Bill and Melinda Gates beneficiaries, which includes >R12M USD to the Guardian and >6M to the Conversation. South Africa’s very own Bhekisisa scoring just shy of R4M USD (that’s a lot of money converted to ZAR). Other generous donors are George Soros’s Freedom Foundation, which, inter alia, funds the Daily Maverick, which churns out pro-vaxx content, and with their comment section battened down since the start of the pandemic. What price freedom of the press? Meanwhile, Meet the 40 New Billionaires Who Got Rich Fighting Covid-19.

They now deploy a phalanx of fact checkers: a new front in their battle to undermine truth in the name of truth is the fact-checkers. I say this because I’ve recently noticed that certain of my primary sources for this post are now being ‘fact checked’ and labelled ‘false’. I point for instance to this Agence France-Presse (AFP) dismissal of the 40-minute video I referenced above by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, which identifies four elements in the video they claim to be false so as to disqualify the whole (see image below). For instance a ‘non-fact’ they identify is that one of the long list of young sportsmen reported in the video dropped dead hadn’t been vaccinated. I could argue the other three ‘errors’ as well, but you can reach your own conclusions after watching the video. This then apparently serves as evidence to slap a ‘cancelled-nothing-to-see-here’ label over the video that Google – who owns search – ensures is the first item anyone gets directed to when searching for the video.

Search Canadian Covid Care Alliance or CCCA and Google is sure to dish up ‘the dirt’, carefully curated to discredit. One such instance is illustrated above

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