In case you missed it, here is an overview and/or orientation of Enter. Below are various pathways for you to ‘enter’ Enter provided by video footage shot by Oscar O’Ryan of presenters who were part of the book launch:

General introduction to the Jungian framework of the book
Paul Ashton (read by Penny Busetto): ‘Entering the void’

Download the text < ‘Entering the void’ >

Critical analysis or peer review
Ken Barris: ‘you also have to look into the heart of lightness as well as the heart of darkness’

Download the text < Ken Barris crits ‘Enter’ >

Reader perspective from my eldest son
Matt Mentz: ‘Entering is hugely challenging’

Download the text < Matthew Mentz’s take on ‘Enter’ >

Reader perspective from a friend
Louis de Villiers: ‘If it touches one person and breaks the rock for the tears to flow, it will be worth it’
Louis de Villiers, one of my critical readers

As he was unable to be present at the launch Louis e-mailed his input.

Download the text < Louis de Villiers’ take on ‘Enter’ >

Reader perspective from my second son
Joshua Mentz: ‘there’s a narrative in the book of where we as a society are in association with our psyches and how that plays out’

Download the text < Joshua Mentz’s take on ‘Enter’ >

Wrapping up the evening
Lucky Lew AKA Llewellyn Alberts: capturing the mood through his music

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