Enter received an Independent Publishers Award at the Booktown Richmond Literary Festival in 2016.

Some reader feedback includes:

‘I sort of see Enter as a guide on how to enter a burning building to rescue your soul’ (Llewellyn Alberts)

‘The book demands that you enter, and entering a space is different from how we normally approach life. Entering is hugely challenging’ (Matthew Mentz)

‘In Jungian thought the work is toward embracing all aspects of oneself; to become “whole” rather than “perfect”. Hennie’s book describes that process’ (Paul Ashton)

‘Aside from the autobiographical aspects of the book, I think the main thrust is there’s a narrative in the book of where we as a society are in association with our psyches and how that plays out and how that impacts, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves, how we treat our planet, how we treat animals’ (Joshua Mentz)

‘I found it a tough read and a very interesting and a fascinating read’ (Ken Barris)

‘I am reading “Enter” slowly and savouring the honest communication of your experiences and deep insights. At times it’s quite a searing read’ (Tony Carr)

‘I have finished a first reading of your book and feel enriched by the experience’ (Ingrid Alberts)

‘The book is so interesting … I am now at chapter three and (my) husband is almost finished while my daughter has just started reading it’ (Lungi Ngondo)

‘… dankie dat jy jouself so dapper blootlê aan ons ander, omdat jy opreg omgee oor ons bestaan’ ‘… thank you for bravely laying yourself bare because you really care about our being’ (Norval Geldenhuys)

However, I DO believe that “doing the right thing” is ALWAYS the best option. Doing it “for the right reason” is first prize! Doing it to look good in society – or for any other ulterior motive – surely does not alter the fact that the right thing has been done!! (Alan Schmidt)
‘If it touches one person and breaks the rock for the tears to flow, it will be worth it’ (Louis de Villiers)

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