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They say Covid vaccinate; I say don’t

First of three parts extracted from a full rebuttal (see here) responding to friends and family who believe everyone should get vaccinated against Covid

Why doesn’t it matter that young pregnant mothers are told it is safe and they should be vaccinated also for their unborn child? Why are children walking around with masks? Why are friends encouraging friends to sign petitions supporting vaccine mandates? Why are people being arrested because they are frightened they’ll do themselves harm if they are vaccinated? Why are we being encouraged to discriminate and to hate? Why at times do I find myself weeping uncontrollably as I experience all this unfolding in real time? Why is it that many who have been vaccinated do not want to engage on any of these issues? Why is the aforementioned now normal?

Friends’ argument

To find answers to these questions I reached out to family members and friends who believe that we must all be vaccinated, and that anyone who resists should be encouraged or forced to do so, otherwise corralled and separated for the greater good. Their argument, as I understand it has the following dimensions:

  • health: they argue that because the unvaccinated are at greater risk of contracting the virus than the vaccinated, the unvaccinated are the breeding ground for new variants. Furthermore, because it is the unvaccinated that mostly land up in hospitals, they are clogging ICU thereby depriving other patients with potentially fatal illnesses from receiving attention
  • policy: a pandemic is a public health matter not private, and so individual vaccine status is salient
  • moral: the unvaccinated display a selfish disregard for the welfare of others
  • cognitive: there is dissonance at work when those who reject science as in vaccination then seek help from science if infected
  • personal: there exists a fringe yet significant subset of society prone to conspiracy theories and libertarianism resembling MAGA-flag-waving Trumpists who see rejecting the vaccine as a mark of status
  • scientific: the anti-vaxx movement signifies a universal retreat from science into belief, religion and postulates, in which case the only way forward for any sensible human being is to follow scientific consensus

What they’re sharing seems to be underpinned by faith that government initiatives have and will prevent unnecessary deaths, gratitude to pharmaceutical companies for the vaccines, and a belief, generally, that your decision to be vaccinated and boosted was the right one, likewise for your children.

My rebuttal

Based on evidence I provided (see the full rebuttal) this is my response:

  • health: it is not the unvaccinated who were responsible for increasingly virulent or contagious variants, or are most at risk of vaccine-resistant variants that will clog ICU and morgues but mass vaccinations with leaky vaccines in the midst of a pandemic
  • policy: calls for universal mandatory vaccination has nothing to do with sound public-health policy, and everything to do with bending humankind to the will of big pharma, and captured regulatory authorities
  • morality: defending one’s health against novel, experimental, proprietary gene technology developed by an industry that has proved its malfeasance over and over, and within a context where basic human rights and alternative medical protocols have been criminalised could hardly be deemed immoral
  • cognition: those who reject vaccines do so based on thorough research, sound arguments and an unassailable logic grounded in reality as also awe and gratitude for a healthy immune system which they conscientiously nurture and train
  • personal: those whom I’ve referenced are physicians, academics and scientists of the highest order who have been systematically maligned, side-lined, disbarred, de-licensed, cancelled and/or silenced by Big pharma, regulatory authorities, government, big tech, legacy and mainstream media in cahoots with one another; hardly libertarian, flag-waving Trumpists
  • science: these past two years have demonstrated the suppression and subversion of science, consequently there is no scientific consensus, let alone science

You can find the other two parts of this selected disaggregation:

  • here (Evidence that the official Covid narrative is rigged)
  • and here (Stop believing Covid vaccines and boosters are not harming you)

These following three sections relevant to the discussion:

  • they claim sole authority over ‘the science’
  • they now assume for themselves the right to ownership of our bodies
  • their power is with our consent

can be accessed by reading the full post (I fear deeply their diktat: vaccinate; so should you) here.


Featured image: Pinkham Ryder. ‘Barnyard’. WikiArt. Public domain, available online here.

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