May 2019 election posters in the Main Street, Suurbraak

Quid pro quo. I’m voting Cope

This time round I’ll be voting Cope for national, and DA for the Western Province. Here are my reasons.

Why I won’t be voting ANC

What brought my world crashing was our President (no less) Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa announcing to the nation that the Constitution must be changed in order to reflect the prevailing racist trope that white people constitute ‘the original sin’ (see below), and are therefore to blame for a quarter of a century of failed land reform – and not the ANC.

His was my Piet Retief moment; treachery.

(For readers who don’t know the history: after ratifying transfer of land to the boer Voortrekkers led by Piet Retief, the Zulu King Dingane kaSenzangakhona requested the boers leave their weapons outside the chief’s kraal (enclosure) in order to participate in a feast. Unarmed, the boers were set upon by Zulu Impi and slaughtered | Grobler, J. (2011). The Retief Massacre of 6 February 1838 revisited. Scielo, Historia 46(2) [online] Available at [accessed 6 April 2019]. )

Image of a plaque in the Voortrekker Monument of the signing of the treaty between Dingane kaSenzangakhona and Boer leader Piet Retief
Zulu Chief Dingane kaSenzangakhona (left) and Boer Voortrekker leader Piet Retief ratifying their Treaty | Greyling, L. [image] available at [Accessed 23 December 2018]

The Retief-Dingane analogy, I believe, holds as Ramaphosa (that’s him with his red tie, below) was co-architect of the original treaty that gave birth to the South African Constitution signed between incoming President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (seated) and outgoing Prime Minister Frederik Willem de Klerk:

Signing the SA Constitution: Cyril Ramaphosa and Nelson Mandela
Cyril Ramaphosa (red tie) co-architect of the South African Constitution standing at the right hand of President Nelson Mandela during its ratification | ENCA. Twenty years since the signing of the Constitution. [image] Available at [Accessed 23 December 2018].

Silver-tongued Cyril’s endorsement of the Gupta, Bell Pottinger, BLF, EFF, Jacob Zuma anti-white narrative tells me I cannot trust this man.

Why I won’t be voting for the DA, nationally

At about the same time the leader of the opposition, Mmusi Aloysias Maimane, was also into betrayal, first of Helen Zille for her colonialism tweet and then all white people, including members of his own party, who, according to him, must own up to and, by implication, atone for their ‘privilege’ .

Mmusi doing a Malema? You decide.

Why I shall be voting Cope, nationally

In contrast it was Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick (Terror) Lekota, leader of Cope, who, on principle, fearlessly stood his ground – despite the taunting and jeering – with his question that still hasn’t been answered by Ramaphosa (or the DA): “Who is ‘our people’; who is not ‘our people’?”.

When a friend shafts you it is difficult ever to trust that person again. On the other hand if someone stands up for you and you don’t even say thank you; that sucks. Why should it be any different for a politician?

So, Mr Lekota you’ve demonstrated that you’ve got my and all South Africans’ back: black, brown, olive and white. It’s payback time to stand up and be counted. Quid pro quo. I’m voting for your party, the Congress of the People, come Wednesday May 8, 2019.

Why I shall again vote DA provincially

I’m voting DA provincially because the Western Cape Government under the premiership of Helen Zille works for all its people and not for just a small elite of the super-connected. Witness: Health, Education, very few potholes and overwhelmingly clean audits. So my ‘thank you’ will be to vote for the DA in the Western Province.

4 thoughts on “Quid pro quo. I’m voting Cope”

  1. Thanks for this Hendrik. I still haven’t made my election, but your note helped.

    1. Thank you for responding, William. I agree that it’s an almost impossible task given the depths of gloom that has become our reality. In the end, I guess, each of us should conduct a criterion analysis. Mine was a Garden of Gethsemane epiphany of sorts and so my lead criteria were integrity and sacrifice. As I no longer do or trust crowds I’m happy to do a solitary, silent vigil. I trust you find clarity before Wednesday.

  2. Not sure that people stuck in poverty in various ways and have not experienced the service delivery us more privileged ones have, will agree that the DA has been such a shining bastion of hope. Nor that we should support a person or a party merely on the basis of race. Although I have to agree that it is time to progress beyond race in SA and that Lekota has been most exemplary in parliament in this regard. I also wonder to what extent our understanding of the treason of Dingane is formed by colonial reports and views and whether there could be another interpretation.

    1. Louis, thank you for your response. Are you suggesting that the DA’s delivery in the Western Cape can be faulted in that it isn’t or doesn’t appear to those in need to be pro-poor? If so, then I would beg to differ based on what I observe around me.

      The local Suurbraak clinic and Swellendam Hospital serve all on a sliding scale and are stocked, clean, efficiently run with staff (nurses and doctors) that cares and is competent. So too schools and libraries, both provincial functions, serve all, equally, credit due, also, to Burton Beukus, local principal, and Ancil Lotz, head local librarian. Roads, also a provincial function, are repaired, grass verges mowed and litter picked up (for a rocky-horror comparison visit Makhanda/Grahamstown in the ANC-run Eastern Cape). The Department of Agriculture is also pro-poor and enlightened. Witness the Birds here in Suurbraak who were supported to the hilt to develop community gardens: irrigation systems, fencing, rain tanks, wheelbarrows, seeds, etc. Finance, also a provincial function, is tightly managed with clean audits the order of the day. Again, as a comparison, read Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s Gangster State: unravelling Ace Magashule’s web of capture which details the alleged plundering of the Free State by the current ANC Secretary General.

      As to your second point (‘the treason of Dingane is formed by colonial reports and views and whether there could be another interpretation’), to note that in the body of my post, I referenced a research paper by Grobler that explores multiple interpretations of what happened on that fateful day Retief, his men, their translator, and Khoikhoi servants were slaughtered, and Dingane’s possible motives.

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