I have indie-published two books. My first, Of course your child is gifted was the result of grappling with the concept ‘gifted’ as part of my work in Gifted Education with the Cape Education Department. I wish to introduce you to my second, Enter:

Enter – living what is – changes everything

Almost everywhere it’s the same good-news story: stay positive, embrace abundance, do good, be happy.

Enter, says exactly the opposite. Why?

If you and I are honest with ourselves, then sometimes we’re depressed as hell, feel dead, are spiteful, and think unkind thoughts even of those whom we should love. This is because we are born into and inherit a world shaped by our parents and their trauma and by the countless situations in which we find ourselves or that we cause and which often don’t leave us feeling good about ourselves.

Enter urges that we enter and live who we actually are and how we act in all these situations every second of every day, and not as we imagine or would like ourselves to be or to act, because anything else would be a lie.

Why should we choose to look ourselves straight in the eye rather than trying to live an idealised version by looking on the bright side, doing the right thing and trying to be happy?

It’s so we don’t squander this one opportunity we have to be fully alive. It’s about constituting a self that has not been tamed, starved, tricked or cheated into being nice, good, obedient or seeming-happy. Instead, a self that is grounded, where negative, shadow, and sometimes horrible aspects have been recognised, lived (not necessarily acted out, as Paul Ashton observes) and thereby integrated, and out of which, hopefully, because nothing is guaranteed, a whole, alive, creative, nuanced self is born which brings freedom, depth, gratitude, joy, grief and responsibility.

But we are running far ahead of ourselves. First we must enter, and the journey promises to be hard and at times terrifying.

All of this is what Enter is about, and I truly cannot see any other way.

What readers have said about Enter:

‘I sort of see it (i.e. Enter) as a guide on how to enter a burning building to rescue your soul’ (Llewellyn Alberts)

‘The book demands that you enter, and entering a space is different from how we normally approach life. Entering is hugely challenging’ (Matthew Mentz)

‘In Jungian thought the work is toward embracing all aspects of oneself; to become “whole” rather than “perfect”. Hennie’s book describes that process’ (Paul Ashton)

‘Aside from the autobiographical aspects of the book, I think the main thrust is there’s a narrative in the book of where we as a society are in association with our psyches and how that plays out and how that impacts, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves, how we treat our planet, how we treat animals’ (Joshua Mentz)

‘I found it a tough read and a very interesting and a fascinating read’ (Ken Barris)

‘I am reading “Enter” slowly and savouring the honest communication of your experiences and deep insights. At times it’s quite a searing read’ (Tony Carr)

‘I have finished a first reading of your book and feel enriched by the experience’ (Ingrid Alberts)

‘The book is so interesting … I am now at chapter three and (my) husband is almost finished while my daughter has just started reading it’ (Lungi Ngondo)

‘… dankie dat jy jouself so dapper blootlê aan ons ander, omdat jy opreg omgee oor ons bestaan’ ‘… thank you for bravely laying yourself bare because you really care about our being’ (Norval Geldenhuys)

However, I DO believe that “doing the right thing” is ALWAYS the best option. Doing it “for the right reason” is first prize! Doing it to look good in society – or for any other ulterior motive – surely does not alter the fact that the right thing has been done!! (Alan Schmidt)

‘If it touches one person and breaks the rock for the tears to flow, it will be worth it’ (Louis de Villiers)

ISBN: 978-0-620-56910-1 | EPUB: 978-0-620-56911-8

You can purchase a copy from the Book Lounge cnr Buitenkant & Roeland Street in Cape Town. Alternatively order one through the post (R200 including handling and postage) by:

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    1. Alan, I am so sorry that I only picked this up now. Thank you for your interest, as also your subsequent cogent and challenging critique of the book

      1. I am happy for my comment: “However, I DO believe that “doing the right thing” is ALWAYS the best option. Doing it “for the right reason” is first prize! Doing it to look good in society – or for any other ulterior motive – surely does not alter the fact that the right thing has been done!! (Alan Schmidt)” to stand.
        (…although i will be very careful about quoting things out of context in the future!)
        However it was not meant to be a general comment of the book as a whole! I found it a difficult read, but very challenging.

  2. I am interested in buying Enter.
    Can I pay by Paypal? Does the cost include shipping to UK?

    1. Dear Michael Blythman, thank you for your query. Sorry I took so long to respond. Yes, the cost includes postage to the UK. Unfortunately I cannot process PayPal payments – as far as I know. An EFT would therefore be preferable. Kind regards, h

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