I’ve spent most of my very long life steeped in photography, first as a teacher who launched a photographic club in every school in which I taught, thereafter, at the Cape Town Teachers’ Centre where I documented much of the in-service training of teachers and pupil enrichment activities with which I was involved and, finally, as a planner at the head office of the Western Cape Education Department where, inter alia, I became the unofficial official photographer for the Department. I now manage a small agroecology farm in Suurbraak where I shall have the opportunity of broadening my focus.

Copyright with respect to my images

My photographs are by default copyrighted. However I’m normally flexible about usage so long as you acknowledge me (Hendrik Mentz) as the author and point to my website If however you will be using my images to make a lot of money for yourself then please contact me via ‘Leave a Reply’ below or e-mail me at
so you can help me put bread on my table.


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  1. Hi Hendrik. Siting here talking with Gunvor’s friend Liv Marit (Norwegian) photographer who is talking about her recent photographs of people in Africa, Nigeria. And her plan to do a project on Aboriginal people, getting away from the broken society and showing rather the proud Aboriginal people. So I thought I could have a look at some of your Zuurbraak photo’s but cannot find it here. Where are they? How is your project recording Zuurbraak and its people going and where are these?

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