I was born and spent my early years in Natal, thereafter, Swaziland, ending in Cape Town where – other than in Banhoek, Franschhoek and Suurbraak – I have lived most of my life

Education: Matriculated SACS (South African College School), BA (South Africa), Secondary Teachers Diploma (Stellenbosch), English Honours (South Africa) and MPhil (Cape Town) degrees

Career: English language school teacher, thereafter, gifted child coordinator for Cape Town, curriculum planner and e-learning planner with the Western Cape Education Department, finishing in the Communication Directorate, responsible for social media

Family: Previously married, I have two sons (and daughters-in-law), two granddaughters and two grandsons

Indie-publications: My enduring interest, other than photography, it seems, has been the question, “Why?” My attempted answer to this question is articulate in Enter the second of two indie-published books. My first, Of course your child is gifted was the result of grappling with the concept ‘gifted’ as part of my work in Gifted Education, mentioned above. Whereas almost everywhere it’s the same story: stay positive, embrace abundance, do good and be happy. Enter, says exactly the opposite. To learn how and why, and to order your own copy of the book please click here.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. hendrik

    Good for you ! A blog, and books published, nogal!
    I look forward to seeing and talking with you again. I’ll be in CT September 3d until November 2d.

    1. Hi Billy, nice of you to pop by. I’ll soon be uploading some posts capturing the launch of ‘Enter’. Shall share the links. Hope to see you sometime September – October. Keep well.

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